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Trip Tern: Perfect Holiday Planning in Seconds

Trip Tern, an automated and intelligent travel planning solution for individuals, has released its beta version on 15 December 2012. Trip Tern allows travelers to prepare their entire travel itinerary in just a few clicks by highlighting their desired city, dates and interests. Traveler can also archive their memories at a single place and share it with their friends through social media.

The everyday traveller has a plethora of travel info, travel guides and travel booking facilities available on web however, they have to go through 10-12 websites to prepare list of places to visit in a city. After that, the traveler has to prepare a schedule according to opening days of the venue, transit facilities and million other things” said Anupam Pathak, co-founder of Trip Tern. "Trip Tern acts as one-stop destination to address all travel planning needs. Select your destination, interests and even places you want to visit and you automatically get the proposed schedule which you then can modify further to suit your needs. Our social sharing aspect allows them to pull down their friends travel information and find if any of their friends has traveled to that place before. We also plan to leverage users Facebook profile data to better customize trip plans."

Started in mid 2012 in India, Trip Tern works by aggregating information from the web and then cleaning data for any error or redundancy. Its proprietary data collection and trip planning algorithm acts as the backbone of the solution. The self-learning algorithm continuously updates itself by taking into consideration user's feedback.

Once a user logs into the site, they are presented with albums and details of their friend's travels. "We understand that friends and family play a major role in a person’s travel location decision and therefore we found that showing friends travel info will help them in making a decision" said Shailendra Sason, co-founder of Trip Tern. Trip Tern currently supports over 13 travel destinations and plans to add almost 100 cities over the next couple of months.

Over the next 12 months Trip Tern plans to focus on becoming the single source of information for any travelers need. Trip Tern will be aggressively gain breadth by adding more cities to its database and depth of information by adding more city specific information such as weather, transport, local language glossaries, more sites of interest etc. Also the team plans to release its interactive mobile based planning solution next year for use on the road by Trip Tern users.